Find links to UW System Board of Regents meeting news and Chancellor Sandeen inauguration

Patti Thompson at April 2015 BOR meeting

Patti Thompson, Extension Conference Centers

Watch – and share  – brief videos Chancellor Cathy Sandeen included in her presentation to the UW System Board of Regents about UW Colleges and UW-Extension, hosts of the April 9-10, 2015 meeting at UW-Waukesha:

Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences

Dairy Modernization in Wisconsin

4-H sySTEMatics in Milwaukee County

Growing Second Stage Companies in Wisconsin

Veterans Coming Home

WisPACT Program

To review what happened at the meeting and Chancellor Sandeen’s inauguration, read the following summaries:

Regents Teaching Excellence Awards, including Shubhangi Stalder, professor of mathematics at UW-Waukesha.

April 9 Board of Regents news summary

April 10 UW System President Ray Cross News from Around the UW System, including from UW-Barron County

April 10 Board of Regents news summary

April 10 Chancellor Sandeen inauguration

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Do the two-step to honor your colleagues’ work

Chancellor's Award logo 2015See excellence among your peers? Please don’t keep it a secret from the chancellor and the rest of UW Colleges and UW-Extension.

Chancellor Cathy Sandeen encourages staff and faculty to let her know – via the Chancellor’s Awards nominations underway – about the great work among your peers and community partners. Nominations are due May 8 through a two-step simple process:

  1. Complete the brief online form at:
  2. Arrange to have two letters of recommendation from others emailed to:

Check out the 2014 Chancellor’s Awards Recipients to see examples from last year.

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Provost Brower provides UW-Extension budget update and forum schedule for faculty and staff

Posted on behalf of UW-Extension Provost Aaron Brower

Even as we continue to work with System and the legislature on the size of the proposed state funding cut and other details in the proposal, we have begun preparing for reductions based on our best estimates.  I want to outline the institutional process that we will use to plan for our estimated base funding cut.

First, assuming the System sustains a $150M base cut beginning July 1, 2015, and assuming each institution is allocated their portion of the cut along the GPR allocation formula that System has used for the past several years, we anticipate receiving a cut of $6.9M. That reduction would begin in July 1, 2015 and will be ongoing. This $6.9M number does not include any additional cuts identified for specific programs – such as the Solid & Hazardous Waste Education Center or the Discovery Farm Program, which are funded through “segregated fees.” This number also does not include the ripple effect of reductions in funding to the Department of Natural Resources, and to the Educational Communications Board, our partners in public broadcasting.  The $6.9M estimated cut is also not dependent on whether or not System is granted public authority status.

Second, because the base reduction we anticipate receiving is so large, we will not approach it business-as-usual.  We are planning a multistage process and one that looks at every opportunity for savings, for efficiencies, for revenue and for ways to position us for a strong future.  To be frank, our programs and services will only become more important to the health and well-being of our communities, students, listeners and viewers.  We must look to our public service and community-engagement mission to guide us as we navigate together through the budget reduction.

Here is a thumbnail of the multistage process we are undertaking:

Deans and directors have developed and provided to me their working plans to meet their expected divisional cut allocations (i.e., the divisional cut they can expect if we allocate our GPR cut using standard divisional allocation). The purpose of these plans is to provide draft recommendations that the chancellor and others are using in legislative visits. Through June, deans and directors will continue working within their divisions to finalize their plans.

Deans and directors also are meeting with Steve Wildeck and me to explore opportunities for savings and efficiencies in GEA and GEAS (i.e., central administration and services).  We’ve drafted recommendations for these savings and efficiencies for the purpose of providing the chancellor and others with information for legislative visits. Through June, Steve and I will continue to develop the recommendations directed at central administration and at the institution level.  We will solicit help from an ad hoc team from central administration and the cross-institution functional areas.

Together with the shared governance groups, I have convened a series of institution-wide forums for mid-April, and a second series beginning in June, to present the recommendations and plans. The goal for these forums will be to thoroughly examine what’s presented in order to learn how they will impact different staff and faculty depending on situation, position and responsibilities. I will ask the deans and directors to take feedback from the forums and incorporate as appropriate as they modify and refine their budget reduction plans. Additionally, Steve and I will likewise incorporate feedback as appropriate for the institutional and central-admin plans.

Additional details will be provided about the forums. For now, please save the date for your divisional forums, which will be noon to 1 p.m. at various sites and also webcast:

I also have established an email address to collect suggestions and comments on the budget plans coming from the divisions and from central:

Finally, divisional and institutional plans will go to the chancellor in June for her approval.

I know this is a difficult and challenging time. We want this process to result in a strategic, not opportunistic, approach to budget reductions, one that enables all four divisions and UW-Extension as a whole to continue to provide world-class educational and informational programs and services that reach across the entire state.

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Opportunity to host Extension Reimagined forums

Extension Reimagined forum in Wautoma 2015What will the next generation of Wisconsin residents need and want from UW-Extension? That is the focus of Extension Reimagined, a project that began in 2014 with surveys of Wisconsin residents and university educators, focus groups around the state, one-on-one interviews and reviews of previous market research. The next step is underway and includes a series of forums around the state to develop plans for UW-Extension in the next 10 to 20 years.

Trained facilitators are available for those interested in coordinating and hosting a 90-minute forum this spring; contact UW-Extension Associate Vice Chancellor Greg Hutchins,, to express your interest.

UW-Extension Waushara County hosted the first forum March 5 in Wautoma. Program participants discussed enhancing visibility and reach through communications technology, sustainability in a world of change and re-prioritizing programming to prepare for the future. Pictured are those who attended: (front row, from left) Walt Bublitz, UW Colleges and UW-Extension;  Bernadette Krentz, Waushara County Board of Supervisors and 4-H volunteer leader, Chris Langenfeld, 4-H volunteer; Mikayla Flyte, 4-H member; Carrie Flyte, Flyte Family Farm and 4-H volunteer leader;  Rick Reyer, Wisconsin Public Radio; Michelle Soria, citizen; Shannon Myers,  Aging and Disability Resource Center; (back row) John Prindle , Cooperative Care; Kent Barnard, Patterson Memorial Public Library;  Noah Langenfeld, 4-H member; Mary Ann Schilling, UW-Extension; Ken Williams, UW-Extension; Patrick Nehring, UW-Extension,  Enrique Soria,  Land, Water and Education Committee.

The next forum will be March 27 in Madison. For additional information about the public dialog underway, visit

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Provost Brower promotes the Wisconsin Idea

Aaron Brower

Aaron Brower

“Working shoulder-to-shoulder with Wisconsin residents to solve problems is at the heart of the Wisconsin Idea,” says UW-Extension Provost and Vice Chancellor Aaron Brower.  In “The Wisconsin Idea: Under Siege but Stronger Than Ever,” he provides examples to illustrate how UW-Extension delivers on that promise. He co-authored the article with two colleagues from UW-Madison — Jeffrey Russell and Katherine Cramer — for The Evolllution, an online higher education newspaper.

They noted what sets the Wisconsin Idea apart: “While other land-grant universities share our mission to disseminate knowledge and serve the public, the Wisconsin Idea is distinguished by its steadfast commitment to two-way engagement. We engage with local communities about issues important to their residents, businesses, and government leaders.”

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Jason Beier returns in new role

Jason Beier

Jason Beier

Jason Beier returned to UW Colleges and UW-Extension mid-February, this time as our first assistant vice chancellor for human resources. He has served in the UW System since 2000, most recently as director of human resources for UW System Administration.

Steve Wildeck, vice chancellor for administration and finance for UW Colleges and UW-Extension said, “He has deep experience in all of the major areas of human resources, and has an excellent perspective on the needs of our UW institutions. Of course, that especially applies to UW Colleges and UW-Extension, as he stepped in as acting vice chancellor for administration and finance during my absence from October 2013 to July 2014. Jason clearly has a passion for the work that UW Colleges and UW-Extension do every day, and I am very excited to have him join our team.”

Beier said, “It’s great to be working with institutions whose mission I totally believe in and want to support in any way I can.”

In announcing the appointment, Wildeck also thanked the search advisory committee, including Malcolm Brett (chair), Jackie Joseph-Silverstein, Sharon Klawitter, Jim Eagon and Donna McLaughlin, and, for their administrative support,  David Prucha, Angela Schultz and Patty Kulinski.

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Aaron Brower moves from interim status to UW-Extension provost and vice chancellor title

Chancellor Cathy Sandeen has named Aaron Brower as provost and vice chancellor of UW-Extension, noting that, “His depth of knowledge about this institution and his deliberative approach will serve UW-Extension well as we navigate our response to the upcoming budget implementation.”

Brower said, “I’m honored to be able to continue my work with UW-Extension.  We truly embody the Wisconsin Idea and there’s nowhere I’d rather be.  We have a difficult road ahead in the next several years, but we’re very strong and we’ll draw on our strengths.  Our challenge—and great opportunity—is the chance to write the next great chapter of Extension.  In 20 years, we’ll all be able to look back and say, ‘We did that!’”

The news release is posted here. For more about Brower, visit:

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